About the SBA


It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I have the opportunity to welcome you to our wonderful Town of Surfside, FL.

The Surfside Business Association (SBA) are volunteers whose goal is to promote Surfside’s business district and increase pedestrian traffic.

With the support of our elected Town officials, we have successfully:

·Piloted a program to allow the sale of food and beverages “al fresco”.

·Increased the directional signage for our public parking  lots.

·Provided umbrella coverage for outdoor tables.

·Provided promotional banners for street light poles on both Harding and Collins Avenues.

·Relocated trash receptacles for visitor convenience.

·Piloted a program for valet parking on Harding Avenue.

·Piloted our “Jazz on the Beach” event.

·Annual Art and Health Festivals

·Annual Parents Hunt for Art with partnership of Ruth K. Board/Bay Harbor Elementary School

·Started the “Lite-Up Surfside” program to entice pedestrian traffic to ”window shop” at night.

As a business group and together with the support of our elected officials, we will elevate the stature of Surfside Business District. We need to continue to work together with the Surfside Tourist Board in support of activities and increase pedestrian traffic to explore and shop in our district. .

By having your support to this association we can accomplish these goals and much more. The time is right and the time is now.



Eli Tourgeman


Surfside Business Association